Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A Hook-up By Any Other Name

Russian girls, all too often, have a very limited range of names -- Marina, Natasha, Elena, Olesya, Irina, Jhenya and Jana pretty much make up the majority of all female first names in Russia.

So of course, you go to a nightclub or whatever, and you meet some girl, you get her number, and then you end up with the same name on your phone several times.

So you can't reallly remember the long surnames in Russia, so you can add simple suffixes like "Elena 2" and "Elena 3" but that doesn't much help when you're trying to remember who they are. You can try physical features -- "Elena Blonde" doesn't help much because they're pretty much all blonde. "Marina Big Jugs" is ok, but God help you if she sees it on your phone and asks what it means.

My own personal system is to identify them by the bar or club where I met them. "Irina Degenerate Bar" or "Natasha Jungle" or whatever.

So I saw this girl I had sex with once during the summer -- a typical skinny blonde little club kid, I haven't gone out with her for a while but I saw her at a club last week and she came up and said hello and checked to make sure I had the same phone number -- and she had me down by my first name and the name of the disco she met me at.

Don't know why, but it kind of offended me. How many foreigners with my first name does she know?


Anonymous said...

hey english! don't worry, we just dislike it when they play the game like we do! If you're andrej, ivan, or vlad forget it! But... I'd be laughing if your name is jack smith!!

Anonymous said...

Just a note to say I've had a great time reading thru' your stories and rantings

Anonymous said...

haha had the same thing here in poland. there is this program called gadu-gadu its an IM for Polish speaking people (im not polish but am a linguist therefore i speak the lg pretty good now) and i had like 5 Olgas on my contact list and denotated them similarly... i do go to clubs but there arent many to choose from but this Olga chick wanted to put the rest of her info under her name and while she was looking she saw "Olga FUCKING Hot!" and she thought it was her, i wish it was her but her bf at the time, and my good friend, was sitting right next to her when she started playfully poking my arm [; he got jealous and broke up with her and took off for England like all poles these days and now shes always at my house [; BUAHAHAHAH! great shit