Monday, June 26, 2006

I Remember When All of This Used To Be Abandoned Buildings

Vodkaberg is rapidly changing from a sort of ghostly, decrepit city with an abundance of abandoned buildings, factories, and old wooden houses to a prosperous and cosmopolitan sort of place with all sorts of modern shoping centers and new apartment buildings.

It sucks.

My favorite abandoned buildings, over by the pirate DVD market, is now being demolished. (You can read about my discovery of it in the old Angelfire blog, about June 2005.) The pre-fab concrete is being dismantled in sections by Tajikistani workers, who are living on the premises. They've cleaned up the waste grounds and drained the swampy type thing.

Oh well. You can't stop progress, I suppose. Well, you can, but you need more resources than I have. Atomic bombs and such. Lab-bred viruses, electro-magnetic pulse weapons. And genetically modified wolverines. With acid for blood.


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English Teacher X said...

Well spoken, sir. . . I believe you have every curse word in there, except for "cunt"

kiev said...

maybe this guy forgot to take his meds, but most likely its that lil girl you ragged on a few months ago.

Anonymous said...

boy, those foot fetishists are an uptight bunch...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Teacher X. You're a smart writer. But don't you feel you're frittering your life away. I am always surprised that inspite of your verbal dexterity, you are stuck at a level where people are less eloquent than you. It must hurt but I think you're used to it.

Somewhere in the world of Teaching English abroad, you crossed that line of no return. You fuck pretty girls, you drink loads, cool against a bacdrop of squalidness... you're pretty laid back...

I like reading your blogs and your cartoons. I kinda live vicariously through your writings. But I do wonder if you'll end up shivering and shaking in a dark room somewhere. I like following your thoughts on things with great interest so please write more! I especially liked your ending to one of your stories which captured a messed up interpretation of the Shawshank Redemption!

Please write more cos there are many teachers who enjoy following your grimy adventures :)

Teacher A :)

AloyiciousSalicious said...
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