Monday, February 25, 2008

Glass Houses

5:30am, Saturday morning. Another toxin-laden night at the nightclub.

Dancing with a blonde with big breasts. Dipping her and spinning her, trying to impress. They always want to spin counter-clockwise, however, and I prefer clockwise, which causes some friction.

The music stops, the lights go up, the few desperate stragglers running for cover like cockroaches in the kitchen.

"Could I have your phone number?" I slur.

"You know, I've given you my number twice before over the past couple of years."

"Really? I . . ." I think of all the unidentified "Natasha"s and "Irina"s and "Svyeta"s that I eventually delete from my phone with no real memory of who they were or what they looked like.

"I'll just see you here tomorrow."

"I don't think I'll be here tomorrow."

She smiles. "Oh yes you will."


english student x said...

Nice story :) Was she right?

English Teacher X said...

On this occasion, no. . . but I think she made her point.

El Gringo Vasco said...

X! are you alright! what a way to go, eh!

Falling Icicles Kill Six

Medical authorities in the region of Samara told ITAR-TASS that five people died in the city of Samara and another person died in the nearby town of Otradny between February 23 and February 25.

English Teacher X said...

Yeah, tourists in Thailand occasionally get killed by falling coconuts, too. . .

Mike Why said...

X, ever hear of this story?