Friday, June 05, 2009

Just Business

I was speaking to a former girlfriend the other day and she mentioned another girl we both know, one of many who had gotten on my bad side; I suggested she tell said girl that I hope she gets cancer.

She tut-tutted. "You Americans are so rude, you get so angry. It's always, 'fuck you goddamn motherufckers'. I think Russians never wish something bad on someone else."

"No? Just do something bad. . . "

"Yeah. . .and it's never personal, though. . ."

"Just business."

She smiled winningly. "Yes. Just business."


Espio said...

ETX, I just found your blog today and I'm worried! I accepted a job to teach English in Moscow called the Samantha School. They pay $20 an hour and offer only 15 hours a week, so $1200 a month. Is it possible to survive on that income? I have a California teaching credential, maybe I should just look for a job here since it'll pay much more? THank you!

English Teacher X said...

Do they include accomodation? It will be difficult to find a single apartment for less than $800 a month in Moscow, and that would be on the fringes.

Espio said...

No, they are still looking for a place for me but i will have to pay for it. They are going to put me in touch with another teacher starting at the same time and see if we can rent and share a flat together. She told me to expect to pay about $400 a month with a roommate. I only have about $2000 in my bank account so if a plane ticket costs $800 and the first month costs $400, I don't even know if it's possible to get over there and get set up in the first place. THink I should just bail on this and get a job here in California? I have a california teaching credential.

English Teacher X said...

If you're not pretty fucking sure you want to live and work in Moscow, whatever the hardship, yeah, I would probably bail on it. It's a tought city for anybody, especially newbies.

Espio said...

Okay, thanks for your help!

Espio said...

ETX, I was wondering, if you wanted to take martial arts classes while in Russia, are you pretty much screwed, since you have to work at nights, and most martial arts schools only teach at in evenings. And the schools that give private lessons are way out of your price range as a english teacher, correct? So I can forget about moving to a foreign country teaching for 15 hours a week and spending the rest of the time training in martial arts? lol, thanks again

English Teacher X said...

you could maybe take classes on the weekend, but yeah, working in the evenings kind of precludes doing the usual stuff people do in the evening.

I used to go to "Real Fight" classes at my gym on Sunday afternoons but then I was usually too hungover or already drunk again.

But I know a guy who lived in Brazil working as a techer specifically so he could train there, and have heard of people doing the same in Japan, so I guess it's not impossible.