Sunday, June 21, 2009

Revenge of the Old Stinker

So I got together this year with an old girlfriend, the one from this post:

Monday, April 10, 2006
Former Girlfriend Predicts My Future
Last May I started going out with this girl from Kazakhstan. She was with a guy when I met her, but she broke up with him on the spot. We came to my house briefly with a couple of other people to change and have a few drinks before going to a nightclub and she gave me a blowjob in the kitchen while the other people sat, rather uncomfortably, in the living room.

We went out for a few weeks, but we really didn't get along well at all -- or, I should say, we got along in bed fairly well but not really anyplace else.

We broke up several times, but then always would get horny and end up in bed again, until finally I bit the bullet and insisted that the arguing had to end once and for all, and we shouldn't see each other.

Within about three months, she was married to another guy she knew. Then she was pregnant about two months later.

She continues to send me SMS messages occasionally, berating me for not being married.

"You're going to be an old stinker!" she warned me today.

* * *

She got divorced at the end of last year. If I were a more childish person that would satisfy me.

There's a zen saying about "If you stand by the river long enough, the body of your enemy will come floating by"; naturally, I think I would go a bit further and say that if you sand by the river long enough, you'll forget all about why you were angry in the first place.


The TEFL Tradesman said...

Mmm, and if you stand by the river long enough, you'll get the urge to piss in it.

Actually, I don't know quite what the metaphorical clue is in there, but it's probably something to do wih not standing close to rivers until after you've had a good pee.

BTW, you could tell us a little more about the blow job, ETX...

stevie austin said...

yeah, i'm with the tradesman, seemed you confused the plot with the sub plot. back the truck up and give us a few more details from the top shelf

English Teacher X said...
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English Teacher X said...

My god, what exactly do you want to know?

The TEFL Tradesman said...

Photographic evidence, if available; if not, a full and frank written account.

Nothing less will satisfy us, ETX!

Matt said...

Actually that quote is generally attributed to Sun Tzu, who was a Taoist, not a Buddhist.