Saturday, July 02, 2011

Nothing Worse. . .

. . .than one of those blog posts where the author says, "Well, I don't have anything to say but I just wanted to say that I haven't posted for a while but here's a general update."

So I finished up my second year in The Kingdom, and signed a contract for a third (and probably final, though a lot of guys say that) year.

I got a raise of about $150 a month, which brings my salary up to the nice round number of A GAZILLION dollars a month.

The plane ride was the usual excruciating nerve-torture. The four films that I watched on the plane were THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU (about how one must defy the forces of the universe in quest of true love) THE TOURIST (which seems to be, vaguely about how love is more important than money, but was mainly just a travelogue) LITTLE FOKKER (which was about how love and family is more important than boning Jessica Alba) and EAT PRAY LOVE (which was about how it's okay for spoiled white women to leave their families to go to exotic destinations for sex tourism.)

America. . . the fat, the baseball hats, the ethnic variety. . . it never feels like coming home, particularly, it's just another place to visit.

Anyway, I've got a list of activities to keep myself occupied and hopefully make myself feel more mature and adult, mostly related to improving my knowledge of practical things and surviving emergencies and disasters.

I spent most of yesterday trying to light fires with batteries, aluminum cans, and the bottom of broken bottles, and I'm also taking some handgun training classes at a local range.

While I've probably fucked more and hotter chicks than any of the instructors at the range, it was hard to feel superior to them. Aiming at the center of the chest used to mean something completely different to me. . .