Wednesday, February 01, 2012

How to Survive Living Abroad (The Fourth Book)

Newest book available now as an ebook:




(Or, hell, you know, just email me with a sob story,, and I can probably just give you a copy for free.)

The good news? It's now easier than ever for anyone to move abroad to live and work.

The bad news? It's now easier than ever for anyone to move abroad to live and work.

In response to the mass exodus of the disaffected and disenfranchised from Western countries, English Teacher X is back again, to cast his bitter and cynical but always perceptive eye on the concept of moving abroad.

After more than fifteen years of living away from his home country, English Teacher X brings a special perspective earned from long and hard experience. He offers suggestions and warnings for current and future expats about money, health, documents, and security, as well as more prurient topics such as alcohol, drugs, and your sex life abroad.

Part survival guide, part memoir, part self-help book, and part blistering parody of all of the above, this book is required reading for anybody thinking of leaving their everyday problems behind and taking on a whole new world of problems abroad.

* * *

Now I should say -- like my last book, this is pretty much all new material that's never been on this blog before.(But I admit I recycled a couple of blog posts for it, though it's more than 90 percent new material.)


brian said...

Mazel Tov. I'm a sucker for cynical, but helpful, Gen-X self publishers, so my hard -earned loot you shall have. Now give us the fate of the kitty damn you!

English Teacher X said...

hee hee, wait a few days. Cat story coming.

Anonymous said...

who cares about the cat. are there pictures of russian tits in the new book?

Anonymous said...

Russian tits are all over the Internet. You suddenly can't find any?

English Teacher X said...

i suppose he likes my personal touch with the Russian breast. So to speak.

goat said...

Great book. Humorous and comprehensive.

I especially enjoyed the last chapter.

English Teacher X said...

Thanks man!

Anonymous said...


Loved the book. I would like to add one tip: in the pepper spray section, you can use the hot sauce packets found with Chinese take out as a makeshift pepper spray that seems completely harmless. It takes a little practice to make it explode in someone's face, but it hurts like fucking hell, and it's legal anywhere.

English Teacher X said...

Maybe in a future edition I'll add a "tips from readers" section.

Carmo said...

Great book! I especially liked the section on the mystique of the feminine eastern European/Russian. I just started dating a Russian a few weeks ago who is super girly, feminine, and old fashioned. You really hit the nail on the head that chapter. Stuff that you would normally consider "beta" like going out of your way to meet her, opening the door, paying for everything, and even carrying her bad are completely expected. Being a bit of a dick in my normal interactions with typical western women I needed to adjust my mindset quite a bit. In return however, she is sweet, loving, caring, complimentary and ALWAYS wears heels and a dress. Simply put, if I was to be an “aloof asshole” which is popular these days in the manospehcer she simply would not put up with it, its as simple as that. Its up to you fellas but if you’re tired of dealing with bitchy girls in flip flops I suggest stepping up your old school game and becoming a better man and get yourself a Russian doll.