Sunday, December 17, 2017

Profiles in ESL Teaching: Aunt Peg, the TEFL MILF

We can all agree that sex is pleasurable, right?

So one kind of wonders why when you look at the ranks of people who fuck a lot, you tend to see a lot very unhappy folks, and folks who die young.

But if we're looking for examples of a person who led a long fulfilling life yet fucked around a lot, and also taught ESL at a few points, we can look to charming, lovely, no-nonsense "Aunt Peg."

By Photo courtesy of, used with permission (see here) - specifically, CC BY-SA 2.5,

Juliet Anderson was 38 years old in the late 70s when she made a name for herself in the Golden Age of Porn as the first "MILF" type with her "Aunt Peg" persona. (Although in those days, there were plenty of women over the age of 30 in porn, whereas now being 22 makes you an old bag.)

Prior to that she worked a variety of jobs, including teaching ESL in Japan, Sweden, Greece, and Mexico. She started teaching English while living in Japan with her American lover, who was in the Navy.  She went in and out of porn throughout her adult life, as a performer and producer, but also working as a sex therapist and relationship counselor as well as running a guest house and doing child and elder care, while also doing live stage shows that combined burlesque, dance, and comedy.

She, by all accounts, remained a "sex positive" person throughout, even while occasionally admitting to getting burned out on the creation of porn movies. She says she never once faked an orgasm on a porn film, even in the days of bright lights, boom mikes, pauses to change film canisters, and huge crews. Sex for her, you see, and the "healing power of touch" became her antidote for the Crohn's disease she suffered from, and a childhood in which she spent undue amounts of time alone in the hospital.

Loving tribute to "Aunt Peg" on Cinema Retro

There were giants in the earth in those days ...

She died in January, 2010, aged 71, and with that the world lost a gracious and classy lady. RIP, TEFL MILF Aunt Peg.


Anonymous said...

Another Jew business.

X, are you a yid?

Reader L said...

Oh man I wish these weird commenters would buzz off.

Cool post X! I never knew about this character.

English Teacher X said...

It's true that a lot of the best "wood men" in the 70s, pre-Viagra days were jews. Jamie Gillis can be seen in the last video.

Anonymous said...

Because what better way to form the forth Reich, than troll the ETX comments...

Some_dude said...

Last I remember you were thinking about going back to Russia after China or at least the girlfriend wanted you to, but you were concerned by the cold and all the nationalism. Not sure if that's still the plan but just a thought A nice compromise might be Tashkent. It's got a pleasant Mediterranean climate only three months of winter, sunny and warm, and not in Russia but still Russian speaking for the girlfriend. It has nice paying international schools for the embassy staff and elite. Plus I'm sure Uzbekistan will give you some great stories for us to live vicariously through you.

Lawrence said...

That is the sweetest post you ever did do Mr X! Well done. a classy tribute to a lovely woman I am impressed.
I take back all the ugly things I ever did say about you.

Matte Blk, Catalyst4Christ said...

Did she make Seventh-Heaven?
Let's hope so...
so can you with repentance.
I dont wanna lose even you, dear.
I. Love. You.
And thats no lie.
Few people make Seventh-Heaven.
Wonder why.. ??
Precisely cuzz they dont love others
as well as themselves ENOUGH!!!!
God bless your indelible soul.