How to Survive Living Abroad

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The good news? It's now easier than ever for anyone to move abroad to live and work.

The bad news? It's now easier than ever for anyone to move abroad to live and work.

In response to the mass exodus of the disaffected and disenfranchised from Western countries, English Teacher X is back again, to cast his bitter and cynical but always perceptive eye on the concept of moving abroad.

After more than fifteen years of living away from his home country, English Teacher X brings a special perspective earned from long and hard experience. He offers suggestions and warnings for current and future expats about money, health, documents, and security, as well as more prurient topics such as alcohol, drugs, and your sex life abroad.

Part survival guide, part memoir, part self-help book, and part blistering parody of all of the above, this book is required reading for anybody thinking of leaving their everyday problems behind and taking on a whole new world of problems abroad.

This new 2013 edition contains interviews with several well-known bloggers and others who have lived and worked abroad.

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Now I should say -- like my last book, this is pretty much all new material that's never been on this blog before.(But I admit I recycled a couple of blog posts for it, though it's more than 90 percent new material.)

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