Posts about Russia

A lot of people come here to read about Russia, Russian girls, and my adventures there between 2000 and summer of 2009. I provide some convenient links:

All posts tagged "Russia Sucks" about life in Russia in general

All posts tagged "Russian girls" for posts about Russia's most famous natural resource

There was a lively exchange of comments in which some Russian girls tried to defend themselves.

My ever-popular photo study of Russian cleavage; all posts labeled "tits"

All posts tagged "Russian nightclubs" and "high heels" for your voyeuristic needs

Posts from 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and half of 2009

The posts I made about my final months in Russia: The Seven Deadly Sins in Russia

And of course, read the whole sordid tale in graphic detail in my memoir about Russia:

I also wrote a series of posts about my RETURN TO VODKABERG in 2013; a sort of small sequel to that book.

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