Who is ETX?

I have been teaching English as a Foreign Language since 1995, and have survived some of the worst employers and shittiest jobs in the profession.

Except for one year in New York, I have lived abroad continuously since 1994.

I am occasionally credited with being the first TEFL blogger; while that's probably not exactly true, I was definitely one of the first half-dozen or so people to blog about English teaching abroad.

(All the usual questions that people have about English Teaching abroad, and my advice and opinion of it as a career in general, are addressed in my book ENGLISH TEACHER X GUIDE TO TEACHING ENGLISH ABROAD.)

I have worked in Thailand, Korea, the Czech Republic and New York. Various stories from those years can be found on this blog, and for a full account, read my first memoir, TO TRAVEL HOPELESSLY.

I lived in Russia between 2000 and 2009, experiencing much memorable debauchery.

My memoir about that time, VODKABERG: NINE YEARS IN RUSSIA is now available.

For tales of alcohol, Russian women, and a lot of depravity, read the blog archives between 2005-2009. You can also choose stories by label, of course. (The labels "Russia sucks" and "Russian girls" will provide some insight.)

Then I turned 40.

From September of 2009 to June 2012, I worked in the Middle East, seeking purity in the desert. And a high tax-free income. I found both.

In summer of 2012, I attempted to bring my Russian girlfriend to America on a student visa, with the idea of attempting a "normal" life. She was denied a visa, and the year was devoted instead to some random trips, working on e-books, and taking care of ill parents.

In summer of 2013, the lure of big money once again drew me back to the Sandbox.

To read about my various mid-life adventures, in the Middle East, America, and other places, read my latest memoir, REQUIEM FOR A VAGABOND.

In the middle of 2015, I took a TEFL job in America, mainly so that I could help out with my ill father.

You can read an interview with me HERE, done by a wannabe TEFL website that didn't really know much about me.

QUALIFICATIONS: People occasionally speculate that I have no qualifications, or ask me which ones I have; I have a BA in English Literature and a DELTA.

Email: englishteacherx@yahoo.com.
Twitter: @englishteacherx
Facebook: www.facebook.com/englishteacherx