Friday, October 14, 2005

The Song of Your Death

We had a conversation about a question inspired by the film THE DEVIL'S REJECTS --

Suppose you were on the run from the cops, for whatever reason, justly or unjustly, and were wounded and found yourself in a convertible with a cop roadblock ahead of you.

You are exhausted of running and decide you’re going to smash into the roadblock
with your guns blazing. Allowing an infinite selection of music, what song
would you like to be playing when you did so?

Of course in the movie, it's FREEBIRD. I myself can't help but think of ALL THE THINGS SHE SAID by TATU.

English Teacher P suggested THE END by the Doors. I don't know, the intro is kind of long, by the time the screaming started you'd probably alredy be shot.

English Teacher A suggested BAT OUT OF HELL by Meat Loaf. Yeah, that's all right, you can't deny that it's appropriate.

One of the new guys around here suggested "something by Sinnead O Connor." Well, I don't know, I'd sooner get out of the car and surrender than go down to NOTHING COMPARES 2 U. Oh, well, maybe MANDINKA would be okay.

One of my Russian friends suggested THE UNFORGETTABLE FIRE by U-2. Which is not a bad choice.

Another suggested "virtually anything by My Bloody Valentine." Emotional noise well suited to your final moments on Earth.

Former Teacher Q suggested the theme from THE OMEN 2 by Jerry Goldsmith. Now that's what I call rock and roll. That'd really freak the cops out, anyway.

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Matt said...

How bout "Highway to Hell" or perhaps "Rock and Roll" by Led Zepplin.