Tuesday, November 08, 2005

New Ideas For Teacher Training

It came to me, while discussing her shattered expectations with our new teacher, that the average CELTA course ought to include a climax much like that of CIA training, where you are abducted and subjected to a brutal interrogation which will seem absolutely real.

You can be taken to a crappy apartment and locked into it and forced to eat crappy food and do your laundry in the bathtub, and maybe forced to drink huge amounts, and then be forced to wake up early and bathe in cold water, then be subjected to a few hours of people yelling at you in an incomprehensible language.

If you last a week, they'll let you go, and you can have your CELTA certificate.


Josh said...

So, what were her expectations exactly?

English Teacher X said...

I suppose she thought it would be like, clean and pleasant, I guess.

Sucker. . .