Friday, December 30, 2005

Bacon and a side order of Sausage: A day with the family

First meal of day, around 11:00am: pancakes and sausage
Second meal of the day, around 3:00pm: strawberry ice cream with crushed pecans in a waffle cone
Third meal of the day, about 5:00pm: beef lasagna and garlic bread, small salad doused with Italian dressing

Then while watching REVENGE OF THE SITH on DVD we had microwave popcorn and Dr. Pepper.
Around 9:00pm everyone else had another ice cream and chocolate cake, but I declined.

My father had a triple bypass a few years ago but is doing fine now, thank you, despite a diet which would kill a wharf rat.

Spent the day cleaning out the Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic of cheap after-christmas clothing items. I'm really going to be a chuvak when I get back to Russia.

(That's Russian for "cool dude.")

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