Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Jack London Memorial Hike And Bacon Lunch

So last Sunday, feeling in need of something different, me and three of my American friends here hiked across the frozen river and into the forest, with the goal of starting a fire, cooking some bacon, and drinking a bottle of Ukrainian pepper and honey vodka.

And we did it; it wasn't too cold, only about -10 Celsius. The day was overcast, but not too windy; and it was nice to have some oxygen in the bloodstream on Sunday. Usually it's nothing but carbon dioxide from all the beer and vodka I'd drunk on Saturday night.

If you ask the guys about the trip though, they'll just bitch about how I burned up some of the bacon. I mean, it wasn't just crispy, it was incinerated. The grease caught on fire and vaporized about five pieces of bacon to ash.

There was still a good 3/4 or a pack left though, I don't see what they're bitching about.

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