Thursday, June 01, 2006

Please Breath Into The Straw, Teacher

Just imagine this bullshit -- at work, they gave us a list of things we weren't supposed to do a few weeks ago, (as I wrote about on my website), including "Don't come to class drunk" and "Don't leave the room during class" etc. Stupid, but I signed it.

THEN yesterday, they gave us ANOTHER list of things to sign. This was in the form of a three page contract regarding things we were forbidden to do and were responsible for, describing them in great detail. There was a lot of overlap, and a lot of basic stuff like "Teachers are forbidden to use the photocopier during class hours," and be on time to class, etc.

But among the others was the following: "Teachers are forbidden to come to work under the influence of alcohol. If teachers arrive with vapors on their breath, they will be taken to the appropriate authorities and given a breath test. IF TEACHERS FAIL THE BREATH TEST, THEIR CONTRACT AND VISA SUPPORT WILL BE TERMINATED IMMEDIATELY AND THEY WILL BE GIVEN 48 HOURS TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY."

This was so histrionic, I went to the management and ridiculed the whole document, scribbling approximately fifteen or so reasons why the whole document and the school in general were completely ridiculous.

They just sort of said, "Oh, it's just something for head office; don't worry about those points too much. You're right."

Anyway, by way of civil disobedience today we drank beer in the parking lot. (It was a student's birthday, and as they often do, the student brought cake and alcoholic drinks for everyone.)

There was also something about clothes that were unacceptable -- sheer tops and spaghetti-strap tops were both mentioned. Oh, damn it. And sandals.

So we're all wearing sandals tomorrow.

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