Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Traffic Jam

So, just in case you're wondering, my site still continues to languish in obscurity; no more than an average of about 30 hits a day. I think some sites get more hits than that just by accident.

However, doing a google search for englishteacherx reveals that I'm now linked on a message board related to foot fetishism; apparently they're interested in my pictures of Russian girls footware (which can be found in the photos section on

I'm anxiously awaiting the influx of foot fetishists. I think they'll get a lot out of this site.


gb shannon said...

I'll trade your lowly 30 hits a day for my awe inspiring 4 a day anytime.

Anonymous said...

I'd hit you if I could.
You are a disgrace to my profession.


English Teacher X said...

He he! Nice to see you checking in, Chastity darling.

Bet you a bottle of vodka I can explain the difference between present perfect and present perfect continuous better than you can.

Anonymous said...

spank hin Chazza, spank him

Anonymous said...

Awww, that's so professional of you, Chastity (if that even *is* you).

Shouldn't you be belittling the insuperior peoples of the world, or playing
pokemon, or berating your cancer-stricken mother for having started smoking? Or fetishizing your Asian boyfriend?

The Alex said...

I feel your pain, regarding the low hit rates (still twice as much as mine though).

Given the large number of quality blogs out there, why are Blogger's "blogs of note" almost always such insipid rubbish?

Oliver said...

If you ever downgrade to the Middle East, an ankle fetish will come in handy asthis is about all one sees of the indigenous ginch.

English Teacher X said...

How many hits do you get, Chastity? I know that goofy chick on PRISONERS OF WONDERLAND gets quite a few, and she's out there saving the world from high heels, too. . . got her work cut out for her in Russia.

Anonymous said...

X, I think you should put a photo of *your* foot up, just to surpise the foot fetish crowd.


J said...

Hey I'm in Japan now and have been teaching about 3yrs not counting 2 in Vancouver. I'm trying to do the trinity dip but got distracted by your site. Thinkin of headin to Thailand now though. Cheers