Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Universal Solvent vs. Absinthe and Lewd Dancing

I think I might have to break down and get a phone with a camera in it; it really would have come in handy this weekend. At The House of Pain, the nightclub we favor, they have a sort of amateur strip-show/ lude dancing/ teenage-girls-looking-for- attention contest and I was standing there thinking, man, wish I had a camera while everybody else was making videos with their telephones.

We met a guy from Colombia the other night too, in town for a couple weeks doing something related to engineering for an oil company. He wasn't exactly the epitome of what you think of as Colombian -- his hair was lighter than mine is now and he had a goatee and a little ponytail, was a bit chubby and was wearing a Simpsons t-shirt. Nonetheless, he had at least the soul of a Latin smoothie so he was fun to hang out with.

I ended up going out of the club with one of the little hotties from the lude dancing show, but nothing happened, we just went to a cafe and drank like three liters of water -- she was dehydrated from all the dancing and I was dehydrated from all the absinthe I'd been drinking.

Went to bed at 8:00am and woke up around 1:00pm feeling surprisingly fresh -- that universal solvent really does the trick.


Anonymous said...

X, is that "lude" as in quaalude, or "lude" as in "lewd"--immoral, indecent, and rather obscene (ie, as in most of your extra-curricular activities? Just curious. ;-)

English Teacher X said...

Ah. . . well, i spelled it correctly in the headline, at least. Give me that much credit.