Sunday, September 24, 2006

Another Bar Fight

So I went out with last night and got in a bar fight. Rather silly, actually. We
had smoked a lot of pot, as well as drinking a lot, and I was trying to
talk to some girl, and looked up and I saw my colleague English Teacher A being fronted by some guy -- a rather tall, biggish guy.

I still don't know what this was all about -- I guess it had something to do with one of the girls we had gone there with --or why I suddenly decided to jump on his back and try to choke him, but after a brief skirmish I found myself on the floor. He tried to come at me and his testicles ran directly into my foot, which rather cooled
him on the idea of fighting. Then the bouncers took him out.

Interesting that they should take his side, because as I recall it, I completely attacked the guy for very little reason.

I guess I got off easier than my first bar fight, in which I ended up with a foot the size of a pumpkin, or my second, which shook me up quite a bit psychologically. My shirt collar did get torn, but it's not a shirt I like all that much.

I should say that this at one of the sleazier clubs in town -- had this happened at one of the better clubs, we would have all been methodically pounded into paste by the extremely professional bouncer squads. (These are guys who masturbate to ROADHOUSE.)

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