Friday, December 01, 2006

Blast From the Past: Jan 19, 2004

I always, or at least usually, keep copies of all my old emails I send, especially now with the huge 3 GB inboxes: here's a cute one from the beginning of 2004. Ah, a young man of 34 then, I was, so innocent.

Sent Date 01-19-2004 2:24:41 PM
From "English Teacher X"

I don't know if I mentioned this before, I ended up with a quarter of a gram of Vodkaberg crank last week after English Teacher M went back to St. Pete. His friend got it for him, but she got it here the day before he left and he didn't want to take it on the train. It cost 250 rubles; 8 bucks or whatever.

I was hesitant to get into it on Saturday, as I generally behave badly enough with just alcohol coursing through my veins at (the Degenerate Bar), and rarely have problems maintaining my energy level -- but of course I told English Teacher R about it and that was pretty much all she wrote, he being a pre-teen IV drug user. We were just going to do a little of it, on a cigarette, but of course we ended up snorting thoe whole batch and then licking the mirror and tinfoil package clean. It wasn't any real heart-thumping spasm of energy, but I was pleasantly high and far more more positive and talkative than usual at aurora. I had drunk so much however that I dropped a full beer right after buying it, and then immediately went and bought another and dropped that one also. I think I dropped three, all told, during the night.

One thing about doing speed though, the evening ends so quickly. I mean, you're just drinking, you're pretty much at the end of your rope by 4:30 or 5:00, but with some stimulants you feel like you were just getting started when the lights go on

I got home at about 5:00am, and collapsed unconscious until about 10:00am, when I woke up with my heart thumping and immediately called ETR, who was in much the same state. HE'd had to go home to the wife and after a lot of chattering, just played computer games all night. I had a couple of vodka and tomato juices and then staggered over to ETR's with a bag full of Zhigulovsky beer. He cooked us some chicken kievs out of a box and we sat dazedly and watched Rob Zombie's directoral debut, "House of 1000 Corpses." I can't really say whether I thought it was good or not, but in the state I was in, it left a big impression. Evil clowns and weird masks and hostage cheerleaders and burned insane people . . yeesh.

Then we went out and built a snowman and a snow woman in the little playground in front of the abandoned building. Named Jim and Sharon. Regrettably my camera batteries died so I have no pictures of them. It was a lot harder work than you'd imagine, making snowpeople, and it took until 5:00pm. Sharon had vacuum cleaner lint for hair and rocks for eyes, and Jim's face was made from pieces of broken beer bottles, all of which we got out of the abandoned building.

Somebody apparently trashed them during the night though.

It's been a pretty mild winter, temperatures hovering around 30F. A reasonable amount of snow, but not so cold as to make playing in it uncomfortable. Nice winter.

Here's a picture of the abandoned building where we built the snowpeople while wrecked on speed:

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