Saturday, November 11, 2006

Hard Times In The Land of Mullets

So as I mentioned, Vodkaberg has recently started to go yuppie-uppity on me. One side effect of this is that several of the cheapest old-school Russian nightclubs have closed down -- leaving only one cheap club in town, the one we like, which we generally refer to as the House of Pain, due to the horrendous hangovers caused by the cheap bootleg alcohol and the hypoxia resulting from hanging out in its badly-ventilated environs.

Since it's the only cheap place left, the place is now packed with flatheads. A complete penis-fest -- there's even started to be a line at the men's bathroom, which in a nightclub, is a sure sign of penis-ridden doom.

And as I mentioned, the motherfucking goofballs have started to wear MULLET haircuts. And not a reserved Mick Jagger "Shag" either -- they've got fucking Billy Ray Cyrus haircuts, these fuckers. I never thought anything would make me miss the Level One haircuts, but Jesus Christ, I think this is it.

Anyway, there were still a reasonable amount of girls in the place last night, check back in a few days and I'll post all the pictures of girls in low-cut shirts that I took with my camera-phone.

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