Thursday, January 18, 2007

Charlie Don't Blog

Okay, we can't deny that there's some value to the Internet. It's a cheap portal to a lot of different types of entertainment -- it decentralizes entertainment distribution networks -- that is to say, you can read my blog if you wish, despite the fact that no big New York publisher would want to print it.

I can write, draw, or post a video or song of whatever I feel like, and anybody with the Internet can look at it.

That's a good thing, isn't it?

But as I said, there are the objections -- it's got more parallels with prostitution and busking on the street than traditional entertainment, and it's another symptom of "reality show" culture taking over our lives.

Then there are more sinister objections:

Google, who run both Myspace and Blogspot, know more about you than your best friends do. They know which websites you look at, which keywords you search for or blog about, where you are, and the contents of your emails. And you have quite willingly consented to this.

So maybe. . . we just need a little break. A little time to contemplate where we are, what we're doing, and what we hope to do.

Cut and paste the following image.

Post it on your blog, or in the primary default position in your myspace page. Forward the image, and a message like the one above, to everyone you know. Then take a few days -- at least a week, more preferably a month -- off from blogging, reading blogs, or looking at teenage girls in their underwear on Myspace.

Go to the park. Read a good book. Try a food you've never tried before.

Then consider your life.

Charlie Don't Blog, man.


Anonymous said...

huh? wha?

Brett said...

Hey. I'm sorry my friend, fat scott, wait, is he still fat? Sometimes being in a second (3rd) world country makes you not fat if you don't just eat shawarma, but either way, he is the american guy with a high voice that when he is drunk says he will fight you (no, he probably won't.) either way, don't make him let you stop writing. I and my friend work a job where we sit in front of the internet 6 hours a day. Let us read your blog. Fat Scott (might not be fat, but that's how he left us) may have followed you, but still... Let us hold onto something. Please. He knows it's shitty in vodkaburg. We all do. Keep writing. The onion only gets you so far... also faoztuuv sounds like the best kind of ethnic food. Why does your blog make us type hungry. 4 AM. Can't buy beer in this shitty cunt-ry.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is the Post Office of EFL. What's more, if they're reading your email and tracking your Google searches, they no doubt have more information about you than they could possibly glean from your tales of alcoholic whoremongering. Incidetnally, I read years ago that Charlie maintains his website in prison.