Friday, January 26, 2007

My Girlfriend

So I've got a "girlfriend" -- have to put it in quotes, though, as it's difficult to truly consider someone your girlfriend when you only see them about two-three times a month. She claims this is because he parents are very strict about her going out at night. They want her married to a rich guy, not out galavanting around with broke, middle-aged English teachers.

She's 23.

She asked me a few days ago to borrow $2000 so she could apply for the "Work and Travel" program and work in America for the summer. She prefaced this request by saying that she couldn't borrow it from her parents because she still hadn't paid them back the money she borrowed to go work in America in 2005.

She also mentioned that she would ask her ex(?)-boyfriend from Australia for it, but she still owes him $500, as he had to lend her some money for University tuition fees, because her parents refused to pay it due to all the exams she failed because she spent so much time in America.

Let's file that under, "Yeah, okay, baby, sure."


Dickel said...

I bet she's cute...but she sounds like trouble.
She wants 2000 dollars, and only meets up with you three times a month!?
It very well may be just the cynic in me talking, but I'd be really surprised if she doesn't have some other guys she gets up with the other 27 days a month.

Jason said...

don't give her the money!

English Teacher X said...

You guy I believe were missing my incredibly delicate irony there. OF COURSE I can't trust her, and OF COURSE I'm not going to give her $2000 fucking dollars.

She mentions she knows a guy "in the oil business" who might give it to her. . . Oh, I bet he'll give it to her.

Anonymous said...

Asking a EFL teacher for $2,000-that's funny!

Anonymous said...

You can easily live in Nepal for $1000 a month (2013 Nepal).