Thursday, May 03, 2007

No Wonder They Lost The Cold War

I always sort of expected Russians to be tough-ass people with incredibly rugged constitutions; and I guess they are pretty tough, in a lot of ways, but I'm amazed at the things they're complete weenies about.

It's spring now, but not particularly warm -- in the 40's, Farenheit, and about 10 C. The central heating has all gone off, though, and man you should hear them bitch about how cold it is in the classrooms -- they sit there with their coats on, shivering.

If you open a window to get some fresh air, they act like a dirty bomb has gone off nearby; they're convinced that drafts cause everything from common cold to herpes.

You'd think they would be inured to cold, like people in Thailand are inured to heat; if it got below 90 F, Thai people always thought it was freezing cold. Russians are so bundled up and central-heated all the time, they're actually whimpering pussies in the face of real cold.

Another stereotype shattered, courtesy of English Teacher X

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englishteacherG said...

Parents are Tough. Not the Kids. I told my students in Saudi Arabia who were complaining that the room was hot that they were, "Desert People. No problem." they replied with, "No, our parents were desert people. We are Air Conditioning people. we have always had Air Conditioning our whole lives."