Sunday, June 17, 2007

Cold War and Hot Babes

There's a lot of talk in the media about the new Cold War between America and Europe and Russia.

Tell ya what -- they're absolutely fucking right.

It happens nearly every time we go out, now -- some young doofuses come over and speak bad English and eventually get around to telling us that Russia is the best country in the world but that there are too many foreigners here taking jobs away from Russians. Even a girl I went out with a couple times started in on this topic (while sitting on my lap in her underwear, I might add.)

The hostility is getting more and more pronounced -- there hasn't been any violence, as of yet, probably because we tend to travel in packs and have several large tough individuals amongst our ranks, but it's come pretty close several times.

Last night two morons started shouting "Hey guys!" at us while we were sitting quietly at a table drinking beer, and asked what we thought of Russia. We said we liked it, and they said "That's good! If you no like, we kill you!"

Not to stay we don't still get quite a few chicks fawning over us, but there's a definite ugly mood of nationalism in the air.

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Anonymous said...

Nationalism never fails. As soon as a government wants to get away with something, be it war against another nation, or economic war against its own people, its always time to drag out the old distraction - patriotism with a side of xenophobia. Folks of every persuasion fall for it every time. Tragic. You'd think they would be patting you on the back for deciding to live in Russia over America, vindicating the superiority of Motherland. Guess that is too much of a leap for most.

Still X, you are doing the right thing by continuing to live overseas. Nationalitic party dev's in underwear still beats what you are going to encounter on any given day in America.