Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Pathway to the Abandoned Slaughterhouse

An acquaintance here in Vodkaberg is trying to start his own introduction agency, through which foreigners can come here and meet, in person, a bevy of Russian women who may or may not be happy to marry them, or have sex with them, or just spend all their money.

We asked what he'd do if somebody asked him to find some nice Russian girl to torture and kill, like in the movie HOSTEL.

He of course said he'd never do it, but we suggested, what if he found, for example, somebody who was terminally ill already and was willing to let themselves be killed, as long as their family was well-paid in return.

And you can see how it would develop from there -- after you'd exhausted all the terminally ill, you'd start looking for the suicidal, and after that people who you thought deserved to die -- convicted criminals, or whatever.

Then you'd probably move on to, "Oh, okay, we'll capture an innocent person, just this once, but we'll give half the money to GREENPEACE."

And of course you'd always be saying to yourself, "Hey, it's not like WE'RE killing these people, we're just chaining them up and putting them in a room with a German guy, and some hacksaws and surgical implements!"


Anonymous said...

'The Dribblings of the Demented Vodka Sucker'
Most people forget about their drunken rambling conversations the day after but X is made of desperate stuff

kiev said...

Hey X, seems you have a hater. He hates you so much he comes to read your posts and tell you about his hate. I guess some people have little to do in their lives....but back to my point. My friend setup a "sex tourism" business a year ago and makes quite a bit of money in Ukraine. Charters flights, sets up parties, the works. If your friend ever gets serious about it, they should setup a whole Eastern European network. In fact he makes more off that stupid business then I do working as a IT pro, go figure =\

English Teacher X said...

It depresses me beyond measure to think of that shit. . . better to go back and work in Barnes and Nobles than running a fucking pimping agency for just the kind of morons I was trying to get away from by moving to another country. . .

Anonymous said...

Kiev; you work in IT haha-falls on floor laffing