Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It Feels So Good When I Stop

One thing about the two-day drinking binge which is the weekend here -- it feels so good when you stop.

Monday has me feeling a bit ill and tired, but on Tuesday and Wednesday I start to feel absolutely great as I sleep peacefully, detox, and find myself practically born again, throwing myself into my job with energy and vigor.

When the weekends pass peacefully without any massive drinking, however, I find I kind of resent having to go back to work.

Yes sir, it's Wednesday and it's a beautiful day in Russia -- got up early, had a hearty breakfast, shaved my balls, and now I'm off to work spreading the light of knowledge into the world! YEAAHHH! HIGH FIVE!


Anonymous said...

Since you're pounding 'em down every weekend,you should really do a post rating some local beers.

I once drank some piva called Stepen Razin. Worse than donkey piss.

andy said...

wow! what's donkey piss taste like?

shave your balls!??? what'n the hell's that all about???

English Teacher X said...

Who the hell wants hairy balls? Not me!

Russian beer consists of two types -- passable, and toxic.

Anonymous said...


Gap-kid just popping by to is far better when you resort to stories of alcaholism and scrotum shaving X, the other ones are shit.

Anonymous said...

ps. It must be so cool X, that you are a becon of adventure to......moronic, oafish, stunted, floried LOSERS!


English Teacher X said...

Yeah, it is pretty cool being a "becon." Like Tyler Durden with Project Mayhem. Go trash a STARBUCKS guys!

What the hell does "floried" mean? Are you trying to write "florid"?

Robbo said...

I take objection to being labelled stunted...

WTF is a becon and floried? Is a becon a type of French pig?..

An illiterate hater posting on a EFL blog...outstanding

Anonymous said...

You got me teacher idiots.

I meant FLORID as in red with burst capillaried purple.

And BEACON as in what X is to the lumpen dwarves who become teachers of English in the vain attempt to fuck real-life chicks and be cool.

Anonymous said...

yeah they sure do seem to be full of themselves.
Teachers of the world unite! meh