Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A Stolen Joke

One of the new guys is teaching a couple of security guys from a certain large company here in town.

The founder of the company is a real Russian success story -- started out as a train station pick-pocket, and got in with a gang and accumulated enough money to open a car dealership and an illegal vodka distillery, back in the early 90's, and then branched out until the company does $12 billion per year in business -- they own nightclubs, restaurants, real estate, supermarkets, companies that make plastic windows, insurance, etc, and of course they also pretty much run the local crime scene.

(I know this from other rich guys I've taught explaining it to me, as well as teaching people who worked there. One girlfriend of mine worked in one of their advertising companies, and said she occasionally overheard her boss talking about gun deals.)

So anyway, one of the new guys is teaching some security guys from this company -- I guess they have to travel with their boss a lot, and she wants them to be able to ask about airport departure times and such.

He said he was nervous about it until he saw what a bunch of cartoon characters they were.

PUNCHLINE: "It's kind of interesting playing hangman with people who might actually have hung somebody at some point."

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