Friday, October 19, 2007

The Scum Sinks To The Bottom

All I'm going to say about the Canadian pedophile who was arrested for buggering boys while teaching English in Southeast Asia -- note that he was working as a chaplain counselling teenage boys in Canada before he became an EFL teacher.

So I continue to hold that there are no more pedophile teachers than there are, say, pedophile Catholic priests. Oh, maybe that was a bad example. . .

Yeah, it's disgusting, but just like the vast majority of teachers don't bugger young boys, plenty of people go to Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia and bugger boys without teaching English, so spare me your stupid comments.

But stuff like that that never happens in America, though, thank god.

I'm turning on comment moderation, finally -- there are just too damn many people pretending to be each other, it's confusing. (And it hasn't been me, for the most part.) And why the hell are people abusing some other blog writer on MY site, and not his? You can all feel free to play make-believe over at the English Teacher X Hate Site. . . (This link was broken, I just fixed it, if you tried before.)

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