Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Why I Don't Like Teaching Rich Guys (Redux)

When they told me I would be teaching the rich gangster dude, I was skeptical. "You know what's going to happen," I said. "He'll study for a few weeks and then, when he finds out he can't learn English in a month, he'll start cancelling all his lessons. Not because he's giving up, oh no -- always because he's too busy. And he'll always cancel at the last minute. . ."

They assured me he seemed devoted to the idea of learning English.

I wouldn't know, I never got to teach him.

Apparently he had a couple of lessons with one of our Russian teachers of English, and after a few sporadic lessons, is now cancelled "until further notice."

I predict he might study a few more times, after Christmas, but then will be gone forever once the sun comes out in the spring. (NB -- I get the same salary either way, I don't care whether he studies or not.)

Too bad, I was going to teach him how to say "an offer you can't refuse" on his first lesson.


AH said...

"Diplomatic immunity" would have been another good phrase.

RadarKing said...

I've read that the Russian government is really tightening up on visa regulations. Sounds like the death of the freelance teacher - no more quick dashes across the border for a visa renewal. Any consequences for you?

English Teacher X said...

Me? I'm as legal as they come, actually. I wouldn't want to be a free-lancer here at the moment, however.

English Teacher X said...
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