Thursday, January 31, 2008

More Annoying, Than Anything Else

The end of the world turns out to be not as much fun as I was expecting. More annoying, than anything else. It finally stopped snowing, but the mountains of snow on the edge of the road have choked the flow of traffic considerably -- it takes hours to get anywhere.

And you can't really walk, because then you have to tromp through waist-deep snow in some places, and climb over the snow mountains. There are some paths carved out, but they're slicker than owl shit. (I'm reliably informed that owl shit is very slick indeed.)

The looting and general anarchy seems to be beginning though -- one of our teachers got mugged -- punched in the stomach, though not hurt seriously -- and relieved of $40 or so in rubles, right up the street from the school.

And damn it, I accidentally left my pepper spray in a security locker at a nightclub last weekend.

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english student x said...

That's true, the first week after the snow it seemed like nobody was going to clean roads, let alone pavements. May be they were cleaning something more important... And there are still (it's been about three weeks now) some places covered with thick layer of gleaming ice.

Given that you can only leave school by unlit empty streets it's not very surprising. I wonder how I myself manage(d) to avoid problems like that.

I'd say teachers should use students and their cars ;)