Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Worst Russian Female Story I've Ever Heard

Every time I think I've seen the bottom, new depths of human (Russian?) depravity are revealed to me.

One of our teachers has been married to a Russian woman for over twenty years. They have several children, and after living abroad for many years, moved back here to Vodkaberg several years ago.

His wife is expecting another child.

The other day he's home from work because of the heavy snow and there's a knock on the door. It's a middle-aged male Russian, inquiring after his wife by her first name. (We'll call her Natasha.)

He politely invites the guy in. "And how do you know Natasha?" he asks.

"I'm her boyfriend, I guess. . . we're going to have a baby soon," says the guy, completely unaware that Natasha is married to the man standing in front of him.

Natasha, who was at the shop, arrived shortly after to find, unsurprisingly, her husband planning divorce proceedings. (I myself would probably have been planning on locating a shallow grave, but that's just me.)

I'm flabbergasted. I now understand what that word means.


Stone Gynoid said...

why do you care so much? doesn't sound so bad-he had some good years....

steve said...

my french mate was telling me there was a study showing that when french fathers were tested for their donor suitability for their kids who needed some kind of transplant, it was found that 10-15% of fathers weren't the actual dads.

i'd say this sounds about right.

tjh said...

That sounds familiar. I was married to a Russian woman and live in the states. She met a guy with more money than me, but I was no pauper by a long shot. She stole almost every dime of my money, screwed this guy in our bed after fixing him dinner in our house. This all happened while I was on business trips working my ass off. She finally split with this guy, but not before putting a curse on me with a chicken egg. Total insanity. Almost killed me, as I was clueless there was a problem. Never trust a Russian woman. They do what they want to do without any moral code to guide them, or so it seems to me.

RadarKing said...

Man, that is cold. I've dated Russian women before and seen some wild shit but that's as bad as I've heard. Ties in with your phrase "cock first into a nest of scorpions."

Stone Gynoid said...

mmm Russian women are bad eggs eh? i'll heed your advice..and X are you the slackest blogger ever? or are you still upset over the russian baby machine? post you lazy slut! (I say that cos you sound as sluttish as the russian girls old scratchy nuts)
ps just luuuve your blog-