Sunday, July 20, 2008

Auschlander, Raus!!

Wow. The Exile, the long-standing Moscow-based alternative newspaper, has taken off and moved to Panama, in the face of an "unplanned audit" from the Russian government.

They feared prosecution regarding articles critical of the government, but I suspect their reason is more simply summarized in this quote from the first article on the new server:

"Fact is, Russia just ain’t fun anymore. We’re bored of all the overpriced low-quality nonsense that governs every aspect of that birch-infested bog."

The whole raison detre of expatriate life in Russia -- cheap booze and hookers, and local women who slavishly worship foreigners -- pretty much don't exist anymore.

Well, not that hookers are THAT expensive, but, you know. No bargain.


RadarKing said...

What a shame. I used to like the Exile's death porn section. Really made me feel like I was living in podmoskovii. Mark Ames wrote some interesting stuff, and I remember reading a great piece by some female author who spent 24 hours working in a kiosk with a local.

You're right - what going on with the Exile is an analogy for what's happening to everything foreign in Russia, which is becoming just a more sophisticated and subtle version of the USSR.

How soon till you have to move to Panama?

English Teacher X said...

Man, we talk about it every day. "We can wear Panama hats there!" "And drink rum!" "And surf!" "And see one ocean in the morning, and the other in the evening!" "And throw coins to people passing by on the Panama Canal!"

They have big ass spiders down there, though, I hear.

Martin said...

Damn son..and I was about to pack up my bags and try my luck with russian girlies.