Monday, September 01, 2008


It was my own stupid fucking fault, but the cops nabbed me last week for peeing in the bushes down on the embankment. I pee outside in the dank tree-lined streets so often that I just got overconfident, like Steve Irwin with the stingray.

They charged me 1000 rubles, which is like more than $40. This compared to the fine of 150 rubles I got on the second day here, eight years ago, for peeing in the bushes.

That's some damn inflation right there.

I probably could have bartered them down, but I was just glad that didn't beat me up for being American.

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sean said...

thats a lot for a piss. you should go back and finish the job to get your money's worth.

in asia i lived in this nice apartment complex with an awesome pool.

one day the security guards found a turd floating in it and erected a sign saying 'no shitting in the pool', only in english.

now maybe asian shit looks different than western shit but it sure seemed like discrimination to me.

so ended my brush with racial profiling.