Friday, November 28, 2008

Honk If You Hate Americans

I was coming home from a nightclub a few weeks ago and the driver, hearing my terrible, bizarrely-accented Russian, asked me where I was from.

I said the Czech Republic, as I often do, and that I was an engineer working at the chocolate factory.

The driver said (in Russian): "That's cool. At least you aren't American. I hate those guys."

Then he bitched about the anti-missile defense shield for awhile.


Paul said...

And your point ??
You surely understand by now that Americans are rightly wronlgy the most disliked Nationality on earth.
Outside your own shores can you tell me anywhere you are liked and welcomed??
Even in my own native land == frm whence an estimated 10% of your fellow americans hail, You no longer have the appreciation and respect you had before. WHY IS THIS I WONDER??

English Teacher X said...

Yeah, it's surprising to me: you wouldn't think so many people would still be jealous, in this day and age. . .