Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Prostitute's Tale

So we were hanging around on the embankment during the summer; my occasional half-girlfriend and two of my younger colleagues. A few beers into the evening, she decides to good naturedly find us some additional female company and approaches a few likely prospects with the lure of speaking to some foreigners.

One of them really looks familiar to me - they join us and it takes me a good twenty minutes to figure out that one of them is a prostitute, who another friend of ours had sex with at a banya (a Russian sauna) a few months previously.

Of course she's not about to say, "Hey, remember me, I'm that prostitute your friend had sex with at the sauna a few months ago!" But I finally said something like, "It's nice to see you again," and she sheepishly asked if the other guys remembered her. I said I didn't think so.

But of course they did, after I told them. . .

We drank beer all night; at about five in the morning we talked them into going to a banya with us.

The half girlfriend had gone home by this time; I got somewhat cozy with the prostitute's cousin, while the prostitute herself developed a (free of charge)liking for one of my colleagues. . . the one guy who thought he had some moral qualms about the whole deal.

Beautiful story eh?

He went away for a holiday, and it took him a few weeks of grappling with it to get over the qualms and call her to go out, by which time the summer was over and she soon left to go back up north to get married.

And they all lived happily ever after.

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