Friday, December 19, 2008

Black Gold, Texas Tea (Or: Die Global Yuppie Scum)

Oil went down to like $35 a barrel yesterday, from summertime highs of nearly $150.

Russians typically blame America for the whole financial crisis; never mind their own matchless unmitigated greed and careless borrowing and lending.

(Towards the beginning of the year, one of my individual students said, "All of the new construction in town is being done by companies with nothing but borrowed money and being sold to people with nothing but borrowed money. Is that normal in America?" I just smiled and said, "Pretty much.")

If the CIA, or the World Bank, or the Trilateral Commision, actually DID plan this out, it was a good fucking plan. It wouldn't be too hard to manipulate the price of oil with unregulated speculation by both individuals and large investment firms, and to influence the "experts" (directly or indirectly) to predict that it would continue going up and hit $200 a barrel by the end of the year.

Therefore everybody in Iran, Venezuela and Russia go out and buy apartments in Cyprus and Malta, private jets and Hummers -- with bank credit (established in only the last few years in Russia), because all of their hard cash goes for overpriced clothes and nightclubs and keeping their mistresses fed and watered, and hey, profits by the end of the year should be even bigger.

Hah hah, surprise, heathen scum!

Hats off to you, then, CIA. . .

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