Monday, December 08, 2008

Desolation City, The Capital of Bleakland

This is the first December since 2000 I can remember in which there has been no snow. (And I can remember only one other November in which there was no snow.)

You'd think we might dread the onslaught of the five or six feet of snow the falls here every year, but in fact it brightens things up considerable.

Now there's just a depressing and pervasive greyness. The sun creeps up a bit above the horizon at about 9:00am or so, generally just turning the thick cloud layer a bit less black, the dark grey buildings into light grey buildings, and then is pretty much gone by 4:00pm.

The only spot of color is the fucking billboards and advertisements, which are like every twenty feet these days.


Paul said...

Ok -- Snow no show == But look at the bright side -- We dont get wet when we fall over on the way home!!.

At keast the Billboards in Vodkaberg are consistent .. So they can help guide you home from a night at the Aviation centre.!!
Coming back to civilisation after a night or two in the deep provinces convinces you that there is a God.-- Only someOne with the most infernal sense of humour would ever dream of a place like Vodkaberg!!!!

English Teacher X said...

Why is that, the asskickings you take up in the capital are less brutal than the ones you get down here?