Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another Angry Rant About Russian Girls

. . . aw hell, what's even the use in ranting? Better, as Shakespeare said, to stand at the sea and scream at the tide.

The thing that gets you, over here, as opposed to some place like Thailand, is that they LOOK pretty much like us (only with higher cheekbones and tackier clothes.) It's easy to forget that underneath that, they are have virtually NOTHING similar to us in the way of thought processes.

Tonight I was going to go on a date with a girl; a girl I've known for a couple of years and have . . .er. . . known quite a few times.

In the beginning she had no problem with meeting me at a bar near my apartment after work; but now insists that I go get her in a taxi and then return to said bar. This entails about 20 - 30 minutes to get her, and another 20 - 30 minutes back.

I offer to pay for the fucking taxi if she gets it herself and meets me wherever; but no, that's not good enough.

"Maybe it's usual in your country, but no here," she texts me.

I try to explain that getting a taxi for me often turns into a major ordeal because drivers try to overcharge or even become downright hostile to foreigners; and her getting a taxi herself would save time and be no particular effort for her, and of course I'd be happy to pay.

"I say once again" she texts me "there is no problem in transport, only in the moral norms." Hot from the translation program on her phone.

Equally irritating is the way that when we're together, and we stop a taxi, she insists I ask how much and tell the taxi driver where to go, even though, as I said, them hearing my accent will probably lead to higher prices and / or outright hostility.

Why? Because transport is guy work. Girls are only in charge of drinking martini and eating sushi you buy them.

Another friend in town got around this by finally getting his own car. He told me once that his girlfriend still apparently insists that he drive her around -- even though she actually has a car of her own.

Moral norms, she said.

"YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT" I responded, and returned home to jerk off and sleep peacefully.

If tomorrow all the Russian girls exploded, my only concern would be shielding myself from being splashed with their foul tainted blood or being lacerated by the flying shattered remains of their big Gucci sunglasses.

Look out! She's about to explode!!


english student x said...

May it be that it's just the kind of girls you get acquainted with?

daniel said...

That bitch older than my Moms.

N***a please!

English Teacher X said...

What, the girl in the picture? She's about 23. They age like dogs, 7 years for every normal one.

Anyway it's not the girl I was talking about who wanted the taxi. It's just a random Russian trollop. She's working in America now, actually. And not in the field of rocket science.

Paul said...

It is interesting that over the past 6 months or so this particular girl has appeared in at least three of your posts and been mentioned many times more than that .Why was she such a part of your entourage while she was in Samara?? Your attitude seems a little duplcitous to say the least

English Teacher X said...

No, I think she's just kind of a good generic Russian trollop picture. That Platonic form of Russian trollops, if you will.

English Teacher X said...

And the last time she was in a picture, that I can see, was April 27, 2008. What the fuck are you talking about, three posts in six months?