Friday, April 10, 2009

Forged Lives

I'm going through a lot of rigamarole to get my degree certified for the job in Saudi --, in addition to sealed transcripts and the like. Also have to get a police security clearance saying I haven't been charged with any crimes in Russia.

I tell you, it's a far cry from the old days. As I said on the old website, I think it was about three years before I even met anyone who had qualifications of any sort. In Thailand most of the guys didn't even have university degrees -- when they wanted to get work visas, they just copied my diploma and stuck their name on it. If immigration thought it was strange that five guys working at the same school in Thailand, from several different countries, had graduated from the same university on the same day, we never heard anything about it.

I think in Korea some of the people I knew had university degrees, but not in any field related to English, for the most part. I think I also had to show a transcript when I got my visa there, but it was just a crumpled old photocopy.

Ah, the 90's. How I miss 'em. And then the world turned into one big Ikea.

(Of course, we have, but I guess we also have websites for fake degrees, also. Maybe it all balances out.)

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stevie austin said...

yip, the 90s seemed pretty dull at the time, but at least there was lots of opportunity to stay off the radar and the beaten track.

Lonely planet is the perfect example, used to be authenticate 'how to get your ass across a country in one piece', now it's a collection of tourism brochures.