Sunday, April 05, 2009

Who Says TEFL Is Not An Important Job?

Associated Press -- BINGHAMTON, N.Y. – Jiverly Wong was upset over losing his job at a vacuum plant, didn't like people picking on him for his limited English and once angrily told a co-worker, "America sucks."

It remains unclear exactly why the Vietnamese immigrant strapped on a bulletproof vest, barged in on a citizenship class and killed 13 people and himself, but the Binghamton police chief says he knows one thing for sure: "He must have been a coward."

Jiverly Wong had apparently been preparing for a gun battle with police but changed course and decided to turn the gun on himself when he heard sirens approaching, Chief Joseph Zikuski said Saturday.

"He had a lot of ammunition on him, so thank God before more lives were lost, he decided to do that," the chief said.

Police and Wong's acquaintances portrayed him as an angry, troubled 41-year-old man who struggled with drugs and job loss and perhaps blamed his adopted country for his troubles. His rampage "was not a surprise" to those who knew him, Zikuski said.

"He felt degraded because people were apparently making fun of his poor English speaking," the chief said.

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If this guy had stuck with his English lessons a bit more, this might not have happened. But of course if he'd stayed back on the farm in Vietnam, also, it wouldn't have happened. So never mind.


El Gringo Vasco said...

hey X, wanna armwrastle?

I'm sure the guy would have loved to stay on the farm. It's not so easy when it got bombed to shit and the killers came looking.

The TEFL Tradesman said...

I blame his teacher. He should have worked damn hard to raise the guy's communicative competence, and then the sad bugger would not have felt the need to take fatal pot-shots at 13 fellow immigrants.

And what happens when the next massacre turns out to be ... done by a teacher? Frustrated at being turned over by so many rogue school owners, he steams into his least popular FCE class and pumps hot metal into 15 students.

Hey, don't laugh - I know what you're thinking!