Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sound Bytes

When people used to ask me why I wasn't married, I had a good canned response:

"I have a lot of respect for the institution of marriage. That's why I'm not married."

Some one reminded me of another one I had, the other night:

(Wow, been a long time since I've done one of those. Meh.)

Anyway, I think I know six guys that have married Russian girls: two ended in quick and unhappy divorce, two are still married but not especially happy, and two seem to be pretty satisfied with it.

Not a statistically significant sampling, I suppose, but those odds don't seem like the worst ever. . .


stevie austin said...

so X, have you done any research into the possible woman scene in Saudi or wherever?

English Teacher X said...

According to some recent films I've seen, there should be plenty of blondes who have been kidnapped off the streets of Western cities and sold into white slavery. I figure they'll be easy targets, if I kind find where they keep them.

stevie austin said...

hey X,

still waiting for your hardcopy version to come out. An entrepreneurial site i use has some good ones for money making from blogs and publishing your own book for $30.

i'm busy with my digital camera preparing my own madonna style sex book. i hope to publish it in hardcover coffee table panorama for $59 and then leave it out to freak my firneds out when they come to visit.

Lawrence said...
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Lawrence said...

which part Saudi? the dryness of the Magic Kingdom doesn't worry you?