Monday, July 13, 2009

And I Bet Their Boyfriends Threatened Him Afterwards, Too

From the British tabloid, THE SUN:

Diplomat ‘blackmailed by Russians’


Published: 11 Jul 2009

SHAMED British diplomat James Hudson may have been targeted for blackmail by Russian spy agencies, it was hinted last night.

The podgy envoy, who quit in disgrace after being filmed having sex with two hookers, could have been the victim of an elaborate plot by Moscow’s intelligence services.

Speculation was growing that the Russians tried to use the sleazy video to “persuade” Hudson, 37, to work for them — but that he refused and owned up to his UK Government seniors instead.

One security source said: “It is possible that, having been caught, Hudson refused blackmail attempts by the Russians which would have amounted to treachery on his part.

“He may then have admitted his misjudgment to his bosses, being allowed to resign without disciplinary action.”

The film showed Hudson — British Deputy Consul General in the Urals city of Ekaterinburg — romping with two blondes in a brothel.

And the mystery over the video deepened after it emerged it had been posted on the internet for a MONTH without identifying him. He only resigned on the day someone who knew his status offered the story to Russian tabloid Moskovsky Komsomolets.

Denis Tokarsky, who runs the Urals edition, said: “A source offers me information from time to time, and on this occasion it was about British diplomat James Hudson. Nobody made me publish it.”

It is not believed Hudson had access to any high-grade secret information so his value to the Russians would have been minimal anyway.

Russian intelligence agency the FSB had no comment but local cops have suggested Hudson might have been blackmailed by criminals trying to extort cash or UK visas. He has gone into hiding since quitting the Foreign Office.

His visibly upset mother Kathleen said at the family home in Poplar, East London: “I haven’t seen or heard anything from James. I don’t know where he is.”

Hudson’s ex-wife Sally told yesterday’s Sun she was revolted by his antics and glad she divorced him in 1997.

* * *

Man, why don't they try that on me? I'll give 'em whatever they want.

I'll leave you to your own devices in finding the video. The hookers look okay, I wonder what he paid for them, or maybe their fee was included with the blackmail money. . .


stevie austin said...

Man, surely you coulda helped a guy out with a link. Still, youtube has 1min 30 so that's enough to check out whether i should be envious or not.

Nothing to get too enthusiastic over, I wish some gangsters had blackmailed me back in the day, then i wouldn't have to rely solely on my memory for my kicks.

stevie austin said...

while i'm up late, do you have any links to good russian bands that you can recommend (i have a russian mp3 download account so they will be easier to get). 5 cents a song, beat that itunes. gotta love those russians eh.

English Teacher X said...

Bi-2 is okay, kind of Pearl Jam or Mettalica-esque, Zemfira is kind of a noodly dreamy Alanis Morrisette type, Mummi Troll is a Beck pretender, and of coures, my favorite two screeching mad pretend lesbians, Tatu. They don't sound like anybody, except maybe two cats in a bag.

Mike Why said...

What *else* do you expect a podgy, single 37 year old British male to do in Russia besides romp with hookers?

The TEFL Tradesman said...

Oh, c'mon - gimme the link!