Monday, August 31, 2009

Yeah, You're Right. . .

that was stupid to use the company computer to blog with my personal login and stuff. My lack of guile has always been my Achilles Heel.

My last employers, Ruble-Pinching Bastards of Vodkaberg, found out about my blog apparently. One of the Russian teachers saw it in the history log, or something, and eventually deduced it was me. Nobody ever said anything to me about it, but it probably didn't do any good for my chances of getting that German visa run thing paid for, Then again, there wasn't much chance of that anyway, and it amuses me to no end to imagine the staff hitting the dictionaries to translate some of the words in that orgy story.

Judging from a bit of google searching, however, a LOT of people blog about their experiences within Saudi Arabia and don't have much trouble with it. Albeit most of it is pretty innocuous. I suppose mine will be pretty free of scandalous behavior also, however, unless I recap the episodes of THE SOPRANOS and DEXTER that I've watched recently.

Of course the only pictures I was going to put up were shots of the desert and the beach and camels. I'll do that when I get around to it.

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Burden said...

Have you been to the Saturday public stoning? It's a must!

Go to the corner of Burk-Burka Street, turn right, and you will see the square right ahead.