Thursday, September 17, 2009

Legends and Lore

Woke up freezing cold today, achy and disoriented, from a dream of Russian girls past.

I'd just left the air-conditioning on too high when I went to bed, but I can see whence was born the myth of the Succubus.

I remember one of my colleagues telling me that his girlfriend, a professional dancer, had fucked the hell out of him. He wasn't bragging about this -- he was saying he'd felt utterly drained and completely exhausted afterwards.

A lot of Russian towns have a legend about why the women are so beautiful there -- Vodkaberg's legend was that Catherine the Great had exiled all of the most beautiful women in St. Petersberg to Vodkaberg because she didn't want any competition. (Some versions of this story have it being all the prostitutes. Or the most beautiful prostitutes.)

My own theory involves the spawn of Dracula. Or perhaps Satan himself.

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admin said...

Well, now you have basically disclosed that "Vodkaberg" is Samara.