Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sea Changes And The Lost Art of Conversation

More than a calendar month now since I've had a drink of alcohol or seen a woman (not on TV) without 95 percent of her body covered.

You know what the strangest fucking thing is though?

The conversations among my colleagues.

These guys talk about buying condos in Thailand and villas in Cyprus. And buying cars and $2000 suits.

I'm used to teachers talking about, like, syphillis. And projectile vomiting.

(I will say however, that conspiracy theorists seems to be very common among English teachers of all countries.)

Got paid my first paycheck for a month of doing nothing today; this week I'm being paid to sit in the office for 6 hours a day doing nothing, classes start next week. Maybe. Seems there's some worry about swine flu and available vaccine, or something.

Well, whatever. Soon I'm going to be rich, and you're all going to be sorry.


stevie austin said...

How are you reacting to the sub-culture change (teachers)?

Do you feel like getting on-board or does urbanity still rankle?

how much does a villa in thailand cost? I know cyprus is expensive.

Chris said...

can't own a villa in thailand, only a condo. Your loyal thai sweetie can own the villa for you...Just watch your back when your walking near ledges, when sh'es cleaning her gun, or carrying a knife past you (she may trip).