Monday, February 08, 2010

He Who Does Nothing Leaves Nothing Undone

Okay, I'm halfway through the school year now.

It's been painless.

Yeah, dealing with classes full of 25 - 35 young Saudi men may not be my idea of Paradise, but in point of fact, in this job I don't actually have to do that so much.

Five days a week I have 4 50-minute classes. (Sometimes more, but if I do I get paid overtime.) Most of these classes involve watching students while they do written exercises or take quizzes. In a 52 week year, there are two 16-week semesters. The rest of the time is either holiday time, or exam weeks.

For the last three weeks I haven't had to do anything but watch students when they take tests. This can be a bit tedious, I suppose, but hardly taxing, and I can often goof-off with my Ipod Touch.

I had to check my own student's papers, and that took a few hours, but I think I've had to do about . . . let's see, 14 hours of "proctoring" in the last 3 weeks?

The rest of the time -- basically I have that dream job of so many adolescents -- getting paid a lot of money for doing nothing. We're technically supposed to hang around the office, but nobody really cares if you don't.

And tomorrow, I get to go to Egypt -- meeting a Russian girl there -- and have sex for the first time in five months.

S0 basically all of you who said this was a bad idea? You were completely and utterly wrong.

And what's more, half the world is buried under several feet of snow in a horrific winter, and I'M NOT!


Anonymous said...

yes I take back everything I said about what a mistake the Saudi move was

Anonymous said...

You need to tell us more about this Russian girl. "Super Natasha", is it?

Anonymous said...

Aside from the lack of regular booty I'd say moving was a damn fine decision on your part.


Anonymous said...

Hey man,

About Saudi being a bad idea, I guess to each his/her own. I don't think it was about being right or wrong.

You are very much into adulthood and, therefore, I guess some readers should have kept their mouths shut in terms of advising you. However, I don't think that they were attempting to be "right", but just looking out for you. The fact remains that there are a lot of miserable teachers there, by all anecdotal accounts. "Hell" has been a frequently used analogy in my experience. Maybe that has more to do with their specific assignments than the country itself.

There will always be teachers who can adapt to the more difficult areas to live, and it appears that you are an exception to the rule. Thats great, as it will allow you to build a sizable bank account rather painlessly.

As for no sex in five months, well, I think that is a long time for any man to go without. Even for a man, such as yourself, whose sexual appetite was satiated on the coffers of Russia's exceptional bounty.

I frequently go through periods of time where I believe sex is overrated. Those periods usually last until my testosterone builds up again after a short period of abstinence. It takes bout 5 days.

Do you think you can keep up the bouts of abstinence indefinitely? I would go nuts if I could only have sex twice a year, on average.

dabyo said...

Hey Englishx, I was thinking of teaching english in russia, until I read your blog. Thanks for letting me see the light, the stories are always better than the reality, but some good stories they are!!

English Teacher X said...

Actually, I get holidays every three months, aproxoimately, and I could always go to Bahrain or Dubai to have sex. But I'm all about absintance this year.