Wednesday, July 07, 2010

End of Round 1

Just finished the last class of my first year as a teacher here in The Kingdom.

I'm leaving tonight on a flight to America, to begin my fully paid 2.5 month summer holiday. (Fuck McEnglish schools in the ass with a whiteboard marker.)

After America, my holiday is going to include some time in Amsterdam and then (assuming there are no problems with the visa) of course a trip back to Mother Russia.

Frankly I'm rather anxious about it, and all things considered should probably be trying somewhere new. (Never been to South America, for example.) But I have some personal obligations: a loose end or two and a possible new beginning or two. . . but most likely the same old shit.

Anyway, I'm sure it will be weird, eventful, dangerous, and stressful.

As for the Kingdom, man, it was like free money. I'm healthy, tanned, got enough money to buy a nice car or a shitty house, and I'm blissfully stoned on silence, eventlessness, and downloaded comic books and films.

From -30 C / - 22 F winters to 50 c / 120 F summers. Does that mean I'm tough as nails, or stupid as a rock?


D said...

Good on you. I made it only 2 months in South Korea before I ditched my insane Emperor of a Bosshole. I'm back in central Europe scraping by, but at least enjoying life. I suppose the middle east is like retirement plan of EFL teachers.

Anonymous said...

I think your tough as nails due to the isolation factor. Thats the one thing that would keep me from the Gulf. It just seems like a live to work place that offers very little social life. How long can you keep that up for? Maybe I'm just a wuss.

English Teacher X said...

Well, remember:

I wanted to decompress and sober up.

Plus, I got 3.5 months of holiday -- 2 weeks in November, 1 week in February and 1 week in late April, and now 2.5 months of summer. On all the holiday, fully paid, I went abroad.

There are social opportunities on the foreigner compounds in Saudi, and Bahrain and Dubai are not far away. But I saved my money for my holidays and relaxed the rest of the time.

Anonymous said...

Wow, it doesn't seem that long ago since when I was reading your posts from Russia. Time's passed by a bit too quick for my liking: I'll have to send a letter to the local MP.

How's the time passed in Saudi? Has the slower lifestyle resulted in it being a long grind of a year, or has it flew by?

TEFL SecretAgent said...

Have a good summer man, you deserve it.

Aren't you afraid that mother Russia will keep her claws in you and you'll not be able to leave?

English Teacher X said...

I wouldn't say time passed slowly. I swam in the ocean, I read and watched TV, I rode my bike, I chatted on the internet. And like I said, lots of holidays.

AS for Russia -- I spent 20 percent of my life there, it already has its claws in me.

English Teacher X said...

But I'll be able to leave -- a big salary is a lot sexier to a 41 year old guy than are Russian trollops.

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