Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Disgusting Bar-Room Conversations, Part 3

Funnily enough, this was a conversation we had with a Russian girl, not a Frumpy English Teacher type.

Naturally this conversation lead into the subject of lifetime total number of sex-partners; I was 32 or so at the time and the number, including blowjobs and various other everything-but sex acts, couldn't possibly have been higher than 50, but I said, "Well, let's see -- I've been having sex since I was 16 -- 3 or 4 different girls on average per year, I don't know, 60 or 70."

The two Russian chicks-- die-hard English groupies, both of whom were only 19 -- conversed animatedly in Russian for a second, and then began laughing. "Probably about 60 for her," said the blonde one. "She's probably has more than 100," said the brunette one.

We expressed skepticism. They offered some graphic details. They had been going to nighclubs every weeekend since they were 15, where they almost always had sex with somebody afterwards, and spent at least 2 to 4 weeks abroad during the summer, in Turkey or Greece, where they had sex with considerable numbers more.

I wonder which number I had been. . .

Let me emphasize -- this was back in 2002, and from what I hear that kind of 90's sexual revolution stuff is over in Russia -- that sort of R and B music video "I'm way too cool to fuck" attitude is in now.
Anyway, both of them were married by the time they were 22 anyway, so what's the big deal.

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Paddy said...

100 by 22. Good Lord.