Saturday, January 15, 2011

Disgusting Bar-room Conversation Number 1

This was the first cartoon I drew about disgusting bar-room conversations, but it certainly wasn't the first disgusting bar-room conversation I had. (In fact one of the first ones was the Gonorrhea of the Eyes cartoon in this entry.)

This was in Prague in 2000; the primary womanizer in that case, last I heard, is now happily married there to a Czech girl. (Although last I heard means about 5 years ago.)

I suppose bar-room conversations of university students, or of young men who are police officers, firefighters, stockbrokers or such, are just as joyfully misogynistic, perverted and profane. . . I wouldn't really know, other than from films like COMPANY OF MEN and shows like RESCUE ME. But English teachers abroad seem to particularly revel in this kind of thing.

Anyway -- free-spirited high-living Byronic heroes, or juvenile scatology-obsessed misogynists? You be the judge.

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